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Following government restrictions to fight against SARS COVID-19 transmission, we kindly remind you that the sanitary pass is obligatory and will be asked at your arrival at Maison Mère. 

Please find below sanitary restrictions implemented by Maison Mère house keeping service & frontdesk staff against COVID-19 transmission :

1. 1.    Flow in Maison Mère common spaces :

Sanitary mask is required to flow in Maison Mère spaces : dowstairs, in the corridors, elevators, stairs until your arrival in your room.

A circuit will be displayed on the floor to avoid crossing of clients.

Hydroalcoholic solutions will be displayed at the entrance, reception desk, coworking space, restaurant and toilets.

Clients will be able to purchase individual bottles of hydroalcoholic solutions at our Pop Up store.

Hotel’s staff is looking forward to follow and implement new HSK restrictions.

Check in is available directly on your smartphone

2. 2.    Cleaning and sanitation of common spaces and bedrooms :

A. A.    Cleaning and sanitation of the bedrooms:

All Housekeeping staff will wear masks during work hours. Each member will be equipped with protective material, including hand sanitizer, masks, shoe covers, and gloves.

Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed at multiple points in staff premises and stockrooms on every floor.  

In addition, room cleaning staff will also have liquid soap in their work baskets in order to be able to easily wash their hands at each transitional stage of room maintenance.  

Housekeeping staff are trained and reminded daily to respect barrier gestures and maximize the reduction of contacts by suitable postures and movements.

There will be no stayover service (when the client stays for more than one night) unless specifically requested by the client.

While the room is being cleaned, the housekeepers will wear a mask and gloves. These gloves will be changed several times while the room is being cleaned, particularly during transitional stages of cleaning:
- Clearing the room (removing the sheets, towels, and trashcans)  
- Cleaning surfaces, plumbing, etc.
- Changing linens (clean sheets, including double pillowcases on each pillow, clean towels, etc.).

At each one of these steps, the housekeeper will wash her hands and apply hand sanitizer, then change her gloves.

All surfaces and elements (equipment and decorations) in the room will be cleaned with virucidal products adapted to the material to be treated. The scrub brushes and sponges will be alternated during the day and left to soak in a basin filled with diluted bleach.  

The amenities in the room (pens, stationery, glassware, etc.) will be changed at each cleaning, whether they have been used or not.

Housekeeping management will apply the same sanitary measures during room checks, using the same products with virucidal properties when performing cleaning adjustments.

The trash cans filled by housekeeping staff will be placed in plastic bags and collected regularly by floor crew members for disposal in dumpsters.

These dumpsters are located in a space provided for this purpose and will be cleaned daily.

For the removal of sheets and towels, used linens will be placed in a clean cloth bag and immediately taken to the fall tunnel allowing the linen to arrive directly at its place of transfer. The bags of used linens will not be opened and will be stored in the chariots which will no longer circulate in the hotel and will leave directly via the street to be taken to our laundry service provider. 

The clean linens will be delivered and stored separately.

Clean linens will be stored on shelves by lingerie staff following the same sanitary rules and changing their gloves when transitioning from a phase of treating used linens to a phase of treating clean linens.

The linen shelves will be disinfected using a virucidal product after each pile of linens is changed. The same holds true for the shelves in the linen storerooms on each floor.

The reception bins for used laundry bags will be disinfected each time they are emptied.

Reception, unpacking and storage of welcome products (soaps, shampoos, toilet paper, etc.) will be performed while respecting the barrier gestures and sanitary measures described above. The storage areas for these products as well as those for their conveyance to the rooms will be disinfected each time they are changed.

B. Cleaning and sanitizing of common spaces :

With regard to common areas, every two hours, housekeeping staff will disinfect (non- exhaustive list):

- All handles and areas that can be touched on the storeroom access doors, staff offices, hotel entrance, stair access, and elevator call buttons on each floor.  
- The buttons, the mirror, and the elevator support handrail.
- The handrails of both hotel stairways.
- The tables and armrests of the chairs in the reception area.

The floors of the common areas and storerooms which are not carpeted will be cleaned daily with virucidal products. The carpets will be vacuumed daily and shampooed regularly.

Amadeus (IA) =YX : PARMAI
Sabre (AA) = YX : 30368
Galileo/Apollo (UA) = YX : 20206
Worldspan (IP) = YX : 0880
Pegasus (WB) = YX : 31261