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7 rue Mayran 75009, Paris
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Maison Mère - Background
Maison Mère - Background


The Maison Mère hive

French Fusion restaurant - fancy cocktails - sharing portions

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Hey Honey refreshes, replenishes and revitalises. Enjoy generous and fine cuisine in a super evolutive spot.

The Maison Mère restaurant offers an all day long restauration offer by Chef Santiago Guerrero and an evolutive space with a wonderful cocktail bar and food sharing hotspot at night.

Maison Mère - Background

hey honey by night

Lose your mind at Hey Honey

French fusion cuisine & Cocktails

The Hey Honey cocktail and shared dishes bar is the heart of Maison Mère. This majestic bar adds a dash of stardust and an alluringly hedonistic vibe to the place. It’s all about fancy cocktails and French fusion shared dishes drawing inspiration from around the world and created by Chef Santiago Guerrero. 

Hey Honey is a vibrant Parisian bubble, an inviting place where you can meet, talk and dance with people from all over the world until sunrise.

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Restauration all day long

To satisfy the tastes of Parisians, guests and neighbours alike, La Maison provides an all-day restauration offer with a selection of Night Menu and signature dishes.
A perfect place to host your business meetings, work in a comfortable and free coworking space, or grab a convenient and healthy snack on the go.

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Hey Honey excites your taste buds

Organic & Orgasmic

The Hey Honey brunch from Maison Mère is the perfect way for a sunday catch up with friends, family and lovers. Enjoy a tasty combination of fine cuisine prepared with locally sourced premium produce.

Mix & Match two kind of dishes to suit all tastes: a healthy organic brunch for the ideal start to the upcoming week or an orgasmic menu to add to your weekend guilty pleasures. For big family tables, enjoy delicious dishes to share and sensual and fresh cocktails for a festive moment. 

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MM rendez-vous

A festive home and creative hotbed as well as a venue for original and unmissable events

Maison Mère - Background

Maison Mère is also...

Unravel Maison Mère secrets

Maison Mère - Background
quote Portrait of Santiago Guerrero
Maison Mère Head Chef
Santiago Guerrero joins the Maison Mère team as head chef. Colombian-Swiss and fusion cuisine lover, learn more about the man behind the restaurant Hey Honey.
quote Portrait of Hadrien de Crisenoy
Maison Mère F&B Manager
Hadrien is the Food & Beverage manager of Maison Mère. Passionate about gastronomy and cooking, he is in charge of the conception and execution of the restaurant Hey Honey.
quote Portrait of Mateo Latorre
Sous-Chef of Maison Mère
Mateo Latorre joins the Maison Mère team as Sous-Chef. Coming from an eclectic background and inspired by the different cultures of the world, discover more about the right-hand man of Santiago Guerrero, the chef of Maison Mere.
Maison Mère - Background


The cultural and gastronomic nest of the 9th arrondissement of Paris



7 rue Mayran, 75009 Paris

+33 (0)1 42 80 00 00

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